(A)   Regulation. A person commits an offense if the person operates a truck upon a public street designated as a no through truck street.
   (B)   Affirmative defenses.  It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section if:
      (1)   The truck was an authorized emergency truck;
      (2)   The truck was a bus or light truck;
      (3)   The truck was a moving van;
      (4)   The truck was a utility vehicle;
      (5)   The truck was operated by a government or political subdivision;
      (6)   The truck was providing food carrier service; or
      (7)   The truck;
         (a)   Was being driven to fulfill a local commercial obligation to a buyer or seller at a business or work related destination; and
         (b)   The prohibited public street was the only route to such destination.
   (C)   Streets prohibited. Through truck traffic is prohibited on the following streets:
Bloomington west to Dairy Ashford
   (D)   The Traffic Engineer is directed to erect and place signs designating the above streets as “No Through Trucks” streets.
(Ord. 2013-03, passed 2-26-2013) Penalty, see § 73.99