Antennas and Towers
   95.01   Definitions
   95.02   Applicability
   95.03   Guidelines and requirements
   95.04   Installation of an antenna on a structure other than a tower
   95.05   Lighting of towers prohibited
   95.06   Federal and other governmental requirements
   95.07   Building Codes; safety standards
   95.08   Tower placement permit required
   95.09   Application and fees
   95.10   Requirements of an application
   95.11   Shortened administrative process
   95.12   General requirements for approval of an antenna tower or structure and the issuance of a tower permit
   95.13   Factors considered in granting the tower permit
   95.14   Availability of suitable towers or other structures
   95.15   Setbacks
   95.16   Security
   95.17   Landscaping
   95.18   Removal of abandoned antennas and towers
   95.19   Antennas and towers existing as of the date of the adoption of this subchapter
   95.20   Applicant shall acquire no vested rights
   95.21   Regulations to the extraterritorial jurisdiction