A.   Lot width, lot area, and all setback lines shall conform to all requirements of the zoning district standards of this Ordinance, unless specifically permitted otherwise by conservation design standards.
   B.   A minimum lot frontage as required by the zoning district, unless otherwise specified under conservation design standards.
   C.   All lots shall front directly upon and take access from a road that is presently, or will be upon completion of the subdivision, publicly dedicated and maintained. The road system of the subdivision shall exit directly upon a dedicated road publicly maintained or a road that, upon completion of the subdivision, will be publicly maintained.
   D.   Every lot created by subdivision shall be substantially similar in shape to those lots on the same block, unless the contours of an adjacent street or previously established lot render such shape impractical. Every lot or parcel of land that is subdivided shall contain a relatively straight boundary line between each lot.
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