§ 16.76.010  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of these subdivision standards is:
   A.   To establish reasonable design standards for subdivision of land.
   B.   To establish guidelines for the dedication, use, and continuing maintenance of common areas.
   C.   To establish an adequate street system, a means of water supply, sewage disposal and other utilities, surface drainage and stormwater control, and other services related to the use of subdivided land.
   D.   To protect and provide for the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of McHenry County.
   E.   To provide for the conservation design of subdivisions to promote the following purposes:
      1.   To preserve the integrity of the land and its natural functions.
      2.   To enhance community character and access to nature and open space for children and families.
      3.   To conserve open space and sensitive natural features.
      4.   To preserve and restore remnant wetlands, woodlands, savannas, and prairies and provide for the long-term ecologic management of these areas.
      5.   To preserve the hydrologic condition and infiltrative capability of the soil by minimizing mass grading and impervious surfaces.
      6.   To preserve natural groundwater recharge functions and protect the quality of surface water and groundwater.
      7.   To minimize stormwater runoff and associated flooding and erosion.
      8.   To provide diverse lot sizes, building densities, and housing choices.
      9.   To create neighborhoods with views of open land and with a strong neighborhood identity.
      10.   To preserve important historic and archeological sites.
      11.   To conserve scenic views and elements of the County’s rural character.
      12.   To promote interconnected greenways and wildlife corridors throughout the County.
      13.   To provide convenient walking trails and bike paths within subdivisions and connecting to neighboring communities and businesses.
      14.   To reduce infrastructure costs and the cost of public services required for new development, improve housing affordability, and enhance property values.
      15.   To create more livable and sustainable communities.
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