A.   The following signs and devices are exempt from regulation by this ordinance:
      1.   A-frame signs.
      2.   Attention-getting devices.
      3.   Banners.
      4.   Blade signs (aka Feather Signs).
      5.   Flags.
      6.   Menu boards.
      7.   Signs placed in the right-of-way of a public street or highway and signs placed on public property by the government agency having jurisdiction over the property.
      8.   Signs located on private property that are not oriented towards a public right-of-way or public property and which contain a COMMERCIAL MESSAGE or NON-COMMERCIAL MESSAGE that cannot be deciphered from a public right-of-way or public property.
      9.   Wall graphics.
      10.   Window graphics.
      11.   Yard signs.
      12.   Temporary Nonstructural Signs.
   B.   Exempted signs and devices may be used to display noncommercial messages under the same standards as the display of a commercial message, unless otherwise allowed or restricted by State laws including, but not limited to, the Illinois Election Code and/or 10 ILCS 5/1-1 et seq. as enforced by State Board of Elections or other appropriate officials.
   C.   Exempted signs and devices shall not be utilized to display an off-premises commercial advertising message unless it complies with either: 1) Table 16.32-1: Zoning District Uses and § 16.56.030EE. (Off-Premises Commercial Advertising Sign); or § 16.72.120 (Temporary Off-Premises Commercial Advertising Message).
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