§ 16.72.080  PROHIBITED SIGNS.
   It is unlawful to erect or maintain the following signs:
   A.   Animated Signs. Animated signs are prohibited.
   B.   Flashing Signs. No sign may have blinking or flashing lights, or other illuminating device that has a changing light intensity, brightness or color, traveling/chasing or blinking lights, or rotating beacons. Time and temperature signs and digital signs are not considered flashing signs.
   C.   Moving Signs. No sign or other advertising structure may have moving, revolving, or rotating parts or visible mechanical movement of any kind. Street clocks with movable hands and rotating barber poles are permitted.
   D.   Signs on Vehicles. Commercial messages placed or painted on parked vehicles, including trailers and other vehicle attachments, where the primary purpose is to advertise a product or service, or to direct the public to a business are prohibited.
      This section does not prohibit trucks, buses, or other vehicles that are painted with or display a commercial message and that are being operated in the normal course of a business from being parked or stored on any location on any property as permitted by Chapter 16.64 (Off-Street Parking and Loading) provided that the primary purpose of such vehicles is not the display of the commercial message.
   E.   Signs that Interfere with Traffic. Any sign that imitates any official highway marker, traffic marker, traffic sign, or other traffic control device is prohibited.
      Any sign placed within the right-of-way of any public street or highway or on public property without authorization may be removed without notice and disposed of by the local authority having jurisdiction over the road, highway, or property.
   F.   Signs Not Defined. Any type of sign, device, board, or graphic not defined in this Ordinance is prohibited.
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