New multi-tenant non-residential structures shall submit a master sign plan for review as part of site plan review.
   A.   A master sign plan shall provide for coordinated sign design. All building-mounted signs shall be described on the master sign plan to include, at a minimum, criteria and specifications for general appearance, sign area, lighting, and location.
   B.   Signs shall be located at a generally uniform height on the building wall.
(Ord. O-201410-10-035, passed 10-14-2014; Ord. O-201601-ZBA-006, passed 1-19-2016; Ord. O-201603-ZBA-010, passed 3-17-2016, § 18.7; Ord. O-201803-ZBA-10-08, passed 3-19-2018; Ord. O-201808-10-033, passed 8-21-2018)