The total number of required parking, loading and bicycle spaces is based upon the requirements for the use of the lot. In computing the number of off-street parking, loading, or bicycle spaces required by this Ordinance, the following standards apply:
   A.   When more than one (1) principal use occupies the same lot or parcel or structure, the number of required spaces is the sum of the separate requirements for each use unless a collective parking alternative is used.
   B.   Uses ancillary to the main function of the principal use are not subject to separate parking requirements. To be considered ancillary, such uses shall be subordinate in square footage to the area for the principal use, shall be supportive in function to the principal use, such as offices or eating establishments for employees or patrons, and generally operate only during the hours of operation of the principal use. The calculation used for the parking requirement, such as gross floor area or maximum capacity, includes the area for ancillary uses.
   C.   A fraction of a space is counted as one (1) parking or loading space.
   D.   In places of assembly in which patrons or spectators occupy benches, pews, or similar seating facilities, each twenty-four (24) inches of such seating facility is counted as one (1) seat for the purpose of determining the requirement for off-street parking facilities. Floor area of a prayer hall is counted as one (1) seat per marked prayer mat space or one (1) seat for every five (5) square feet in the prayer hall if prayer mat spaces are not marked.
   E.   Except as otherwise specified, parking or loading spaces required on an employee basis is based on the maximum number of employees normally present on the premises at any one time. When the determination of the number of parking spaces is based on the number of employees, the owners and managers are counted as employees.
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