A.   A structure or land shall be used or occupied in conformity with the regulations for the zoning district in which it is located.
   B.   The use standards of this section apply to uses allowed in the zoning districts, whether considered permitted, conditional, or temporary. Uses shall comply with all standards of this Ordinance.
   C.   Noncompliance with any of these use standards is considered a violation of this Ordinance and subject to enforcement provisions.
   D.   All uses shall comply with the requirements of the McHenry County Stormwater Management Ordinance, McHenry County Public Health Ordinance, and McHenry County Access Control and Right-of-Way Management Ordinance.
   E.   All uses shall comply with any applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
   F.   Where state or federal permits or licenses are required, permits or licenses shall be obtained by the applicant prior to initiating the use. If a state or federal permit or license cannot be issued prior to zoning approval, the applicant must submit proof that he/she has applied for the permit or license.
   G.   The following uses require state or federal permits or licenses: agriculture employee housing; airports, heliports, and restricted landing areas; day care center or home; earth extraction/mining; game preserve; hospital; landscape waste composting facility; recycling collection center; recycling processing facility; residential care facility; and salvage yard. Additional uses not identified above may require state or federal permits or licenses, which must be obtained by the applicant.
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