§ 16.28.010  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of these planned development regulations is to:
   A.   Provide flexibility in the development of land and in the design of structures.
   B.   Provide flexibility in the location of structures.
   C.   Encourage a creative approach to the use of land that results in better development and design than might otherwise be accomplished under the strict application of this Ordinance.
   D.   Allow the efficient use of land to facilitate a more effective arrangement of uses, buildings, circulation systems, and utilities.
   E.   Provide for more usable and suitably located open space and recreation areas than might otherwise be provided under the application of this Ordinance.
   F.   Encourage the construction of appropriate aesthetic amenities that will enhance the character of the site.
   G.   Ensure construction of quality commensurate with other developments within the community and compatible with the character of the surrounding area and contiguous properties.
   H.   Facilitate the implementation of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, Water Resources Action Plan, Green Infrastructure Plan, any County Board approved watershed plans for the subject area, and the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan.
   I.   Encourage the adaptive reuse of existing structures and preservation of historic landmarks.
   J.   Encourage preservation of natural areas, aquifer recharge areas, and natural drainage ways.
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