A.   Purpose. The interpretation authority is intended to recognize that the provisions of this Ordinance, though detailed and extensive, cannot, as a practical matter, address every specific zoning issue. This interpretation authority is not intended to add or change the essential content of the Ordinance.
   B.   Initiation. Applications for zoning interpretations may be filed by a property owner. In addition, the Planning and Development Committee may request that the Zoning Enforcement Officer render an interpretation. All applications for interpretations shall be filed with the Department of Planning and Development in accordance with the requirements in § 16.16.020 (Application). Fees shall be required in accordance with the County adopted fee ordinance. All interpretation requests from a property owner shall be for the purpose of furthering actual development or use of the property.
   C.   Authority and Execution. The Zoning Enforcement Officer will review and render written decisions on all applications for interpretations. Each written decision shall be dated by the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
   D.   Procedure. The Zoning Enforcement Officer will review a request for an interpretation and render the interpretation in writing within a reasonable time. The Zoning Enforcement Officer has the ability to request additional information prior to rendering an interpretation.
   E.   Appeals. An applicant may appeal the Zoning Enforcement Officer’s decision to the Zoning Board of Appeals within ninety (90) calendar days of the decision in accordance with § 16.20.090 (Zoning Appeal).
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