§ 16.20.060  MAP CORRECTION.
   A.   Purpose. The purpose of a map correction is to correct drafting errors on the Official Zoning Map. Such an adjustment is solely to correct a minor mapping error made by the County.
   B.   Initiation. Applications for map corrections may be initiated by the property owner or other person expressly authorized in writing by the property owner, or the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
   C.   Authority. The County Board is authorized to approve a map correction.
   D.   Procedure.
      1.   An application for a map correction shall be filed with the Department of Planning and Development. All applications for a map corrections shall be filed in accordance with the requirements in § 16.16.020 (Application).
      2.   If the map correction is proposed by the Zoning Enforcement Officer, notification shall be provided to the person who last paid taxes on the property in accordance with the records of the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office. The County shall mail notice by certified mail no less than fifteen (15), but no more than thirty (30), calendar days prior to the date the map correction is to be considered by the County Board.
      3.   The County Board may either approve or deny the application for a map correction. The County Board shall not approve a map correction if the property owner objects. In such a situation, the procedures in § 16.20.010 (Zoning Map and Text Amendment) shall be utilized.
      4.   No application for a map correction, which has been denied by the County Board, may be resubmitted to County Board for a period of one (1) year from that date of denial, as described in § 16.16.020G. (Successive Applications).
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