The Zoning Board of Appeals has the following powers, pursuant to this Unified Development Ordinance:
   A.   To make recommendations on zoning map and text amendment applications.
   B.   To make recommendations on applications for zoning variations submitted in conjunction with rezoning, conditional use permit, and planned unit development applications, or when the Hearing Officer is unavailable.
   C.   To make recommendations on conditional use permit applications.
   D.   To make recommendations on planned unit development applications.
   E.   To make final decisions on zoning appeals.
(Ord. O-201410-10-035, passed 10-14-2014; Ord. O-201601-ZBA-006, passed 1-19-2016; Ord. O-201603-ZBA-010, passed 3-17-2016, § 3.2; Ord. O-201803-ZBA-10-08, passed 3-19-2018; Ord. O-201808-10-033, passed 8-21-2018)