A.   The McHenry County Zoning Ordinance (O-200009-ZBA-067, 9/19/2000) is comprehensively amended, and its terms are stricken.
   B.   The following ordinances and any amendments thereto, are repealed:
      1.   McHenry County Subdivision Ordinance (R-8002-02-15, 2/19/1980).
      2.   McHenry County Sign Ordinance (O-200502-10-011, 2/1/2005).
      3.   Addendum to the McHenry County Subdivision Ordinance - Conservation Design Developments: Standards and Procedures (O-200802-10-007, 2/19/2008).
      4.   McHenry County Telecommunication Carriers Ordinance (O-9804-ZBA-33, 4/21/1998).
      5.   McHenry County Groundwater Monitoring and Protection at Earth Extraction Sites Ordinance (O-9211-2200-77, 11/24/1992).
      6.   McHenry County Camp Ground Ordinance (5/9/1967).
      7.   McHenry County Agricultural Trailer Affidavit Ordinance (O-200208-10-061, 8/20/2002).
      8.   McHenry County Street Addressing Resolution (R-8008-02-58, 9/19/1980).
      9.   Trailer Coach Park and Motel Control Law (7/9/1957).
   C.   The adoption of this Ordinance does not affect nor prevent any pending or future prosecution of or action to abate any existing violation of the above ordinances, if the violation is also a violation of this Ordinance.
(Ord. O-201410-10-035, passed 10-14-2014; Ord. O-201601-ZBA-006, passed 1-19-2016; Ord. O-201603-ZBA-010, passed 3-17-2016, § 1.7; Ord. O-201803-ZBA-10-08, passed 3-19-2018; Ord. O-201808-10-033, passed 8-21-2018)