A.   A Certificate of Insurance shall be provided to the McHenry County Division of Transportation prior to the issuance of a permit for work within the County Highway right-of-way to afford protection against all claims for damage to public or private property, and injuries to persons, arising out of and during the progress of the permitted work to its completion.
   B.   The McHenry County Division of Transportation shall be, and is hereby authorized to act for the County in all matters relating to insurance requirements. The Permit Procedures and Requirements Manual provides detailed information regarding the type and levels of insurance required. The owner shall indemnify McHenry County and the McHenry County Division of Transportation, its agents, and employees as specified in the Permit Procedures and Requirements Manual.
   C.   The owner shall cease, or cause to be ceased, operations, work and construction of any permitted work if the required insurance is cancelled or reduced below the requirements of the McHenry County Division of Transportation.
   D.   The issuance of a permit by the McHenry County Division of Transportation Is not intended by any of the Provisions of any part of the permit to create the public or any member thereof as a third party beneficiary, or to authorize any one not a party to the permit to maintain a suit for personal Injuries or property damage pursuant to the terms or provisions of the permit. The duties, obligations, and responsibilities of the parties to the permit with respect to third parties shall remain as imposed by law.
(Ord. O-200811-82-068, passed 11-6-2008)