1.   ACT is the Illinois Environmental Protection Act as amended (415 ILCS 5/1 et seq.).
      2.   AGENCY is the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency established by the Act.
      3.   APPLICANT is any person, firm or partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind.
      4.   ARTICLES OF RULES AND PROCEDURES are those rules and procedures established by the County for the conducting of site location hearings for pollution control facilities as defined herein.
      5.   BOARD is the State of Illinois Pollution Control Board established by the Act.
      6.   COMMITTEE is the Pollution Control Facility Siting Committee of the McHenry County Board.
      7.   COUNTY is the unincorporated areas of McHenry County, Illinois.
      8.   COUNTY BOARD is the McHenry County Board.
      9.   HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL SITE is a site at which hazardous waste is disposed. Hazardous Waste is waste as defined in the Act.
      10.   POLLUTION CONTROL FACILITY is any facility so defined by §§ 3.330 et seq. of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.
(Ord. O-200411-12-134, passed 11-16-2004)