5.08.010   Legislative purpose
   5.08.020   Definitions
   5.08.030   McHenry County Liquor Control Commissioner, Assistant Liquor Control Commissioners
   5.08.040   Compensation of Commissioner and Assistants
   5.08.050   Commission to include agency
   5.08.060   Powers and duties of Commissioner and Commission
   5.08.070   Filing with County Clerk the appointments of members of the Commission
   5.08.080   License required
   5.08.090   Classification of licenses—fees
   5.08.100   Issuance of licenses—procedure and application
   5.08.110   Requirement of retail liquor license
   5.08.120   Persons/entities ineligible to receive license
   5.08.130   Form of license issued
   5.08.140   Display of license
   5.08.150   Privilege granted by license— nature as property—expiration of license—not liable to attachment, garnishment or execution— transferability
   5.08.160   Renewal of licenses
   5.08.170   Annual report by licensed corporation
   5.08.180   Sales in state and county buildings
   5.08.190   Sales
   5.08.200   Attire, entertainers, visual displays, conduct, etc. on premises
   5.08.210   Sanitary and safety conditions of premises
   5.08.220   Disorderly conduct not to be permitted on premises
   5.08.230   Records of licenses issued
   5.08.240   Opening and closing hours
   5.08.250   Complaint of violation—hearing
   5.08.260   Procedure before Commission on citations
   5.08.270   Revocation or suspension of local license—notice—hearing— appeal—penalties
   5.08.280   Procedure before Commission on request for continuance of any hearing
   5.08.290   Commissioner’s report
   5.08.300   Appeals from order of Commissioner
   5.08.310   Owner of premises permitting violation—acts of agent or employee—liability of licensee— knowledge
   5.08.320   Penalties
   5.08.330   Severability clause
   5.08.340   Repeal of prior ordinances