A.   The holding or conducting of any demonstration, public meeting, gathering, or parade on or in a County controlled building or their grounds is prohibited, unless a permit for such activity has been issued by the County. No such request shall take precedence over a County government activity which has been previously scheduled and approved by the County Administrator’s Office. Any group seeking a permit hereunder, that will have 25 or more participants, shall have one marshal per every 25 participants. In such instances, the County Administrator’s Office shall consult and coordinate with the Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies as may be needed and shall issue a permit to an applicant unless that intended activity will:
      1.   Unreasonably interfere with the movement of vehicular traffic in the parking lots of the County controlled facility, or persons within the buildings or on the grounds;
      2.   Occur in any area that will create or cause a health and/or safety hazard and that will impede the conduct of public business;
      3.   Endanger the health and safety of the permit applicants; or the public; or
      4.   Conflict in date, time, and place with a previously scheduled activity of another applicant or a County government agency.
   B.   No person or group of persons shall use any electronic loudspeaker, bullhorn, or any other sound amplifying device during a demonstration, public gathering, or parade, unless prior authorization by the County Administrator’s Office is obtained pursuant to § 2.96.110 of this Ordinance.
(Ord. O-201112-12-049, § X, passed 12-6-2011)