A.   The solicitation of alms, commercial solicitation, and unauthorized commercial vending, the unauthorized distribution or display of commercial advertising and the collection of private debts on County controlled property is prohibited. This prohibition shall not apply to:
      1.   Local drives for funds for welfare, health or other purposes as authorized by the County Administrator in accordance with § 2.96.110 of this Ordinance;
      2.   Advertisements and concessions authorized by the County, and concessions or personal notices posted by employees on authorized bulletin boards;
      3.   Solicitation of labor organizations membership or dues as authorized by the County under the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act (5 ILCS 315/1 et seq.);
      4.   Solicitation of funds by non-profit charitable, fraternal, religious, veterans and political groups in accordance with § 2.96.110 of this Ordinance. Public areas of County controlled property may be used for activities permitted in accordance with § 2.96.110.
   B.   The posting or affixing of materials, such as posters, pamphlets, handbills or flyers, on bulletin boards or elsewhere in County controlled property is prohibited, except as authorized in this Section or when such displays are constructed as part of authorized County activities. Distribution of materials, such as pamphlets, handbills or flyers is prohibited, except in the public areas of the property as defined in Appendix 1, and unless conducted as part of authorized County activities. Any person or organization proposing to distribute materials in a public area under this Section shall first obtain a permit from the County Administrator’s Office pursuant to § 2.96.110 and shall conduct distribution in accordance with the provisions set forth therein. Failure to comply with those provisions is a violation of this Ordinance.
   C.   Photographs may be taken in space occupied by a County agency only with the consent of the relevant department head/elected official. Except where a court order or local rule prohibits it, photographs for news purposes may be taken in entrances, lobbies, foyers, corridors or auditoriums when used for public meetings. Subject to the foregoing prohibitions, photographs for advertising and commercial purposes may be taken only with written permission of the relevant department head/elected official.
(Ord. O-201112-12-049, § V, passed 12-6-2011)