§ 2.92.050  PROCEDURE.
   In order to comply with the Smoke Free Illinois Act, the following procedures are in effect for all McHenry County Government owned or leased facilities and all vehicles or equipment owned or leased by the County:
   A.   All interior ashtrays will be removed.
   B.   All exterior ashtrays not part of smoking/trash/receptacles will be removed.
   C.   Exterior universal non-smoking signage will be place on all exterior doors on all County owned and/or leased buildings.
   D.   All exterior ashtrays will be placed a minimum of 15 feet from any County owned or leased facility. Signage noting “no smoking beyond this point” will be posted on or by exterior ashtrays.
   E.   Smoking is prohibited in all County owned or leased vehicles and equipment.
   F.   Members of the public violating the Act will be notified by Court Security, security personnel or County staff and politely and respectfully informed to abide by the Act. If a member of the public should ignore a verbal request, the above referred personnel shall take appropriate action as provided for under the Act.
   G.   If an employee is violating the policy he/she will be so notified by Court Security or security personnel and politely and respectfully informed to abide by the policy. If the employee should ignore a verbal request, Court Security or security personnel shall notify the employee’s immediate supervisor. If no security personnel are assigned to the County owned or leased facility in which a violation has occurred the ranking government official at that facility shall be responsible for receiving and acting on complaints.
   H.   Any person may register a complaint with the Illinois Department of Public Health, the McHenry County Health Department, or a local law enforcement agency for a violation of the Act or its Rules, § 975.100 Complaints of the Rules (proposed) implementing the Act are attached to this policy for informational purposes.
   I.   The architecture and physical surroundings of the buildings owned or leased by the County each pose a different set of enforcement circumstances and barriers. However, in all cases smoking is prohibited within a minimum distance of 15 feet from entrances, exits, windows that open and ventilation intakes. The County shall establish “Designated Smoking Areas” for each County owned or leased facility for use by County employees. Employee smoking shall be restricted to Designated Smoking Areas. Such Designated Smoking Areas shall be so posted and employees of that facility shall be so informed of their location.
   J.   The McHenry County Health Department will make smoking cessation classes available to all County employees wishing to cease smoking.
(Res. R-200711-12-282, passed 12-20-2007)