A.   There is created and established in the county of McHenry a Sheriff’s Department Merit Commission consisting of five members, an increase from an original three members to be appointed by the County Sheriff and approved by the County Board. Of the initial appointments, one shall be for a term of two years, one for a term of four years, and one for a term of six years. The additional two members comprising the five-member board shall serve terms of three and five years, respectively. Thereafter, all appointments shall be for terms of six years. Vacancies in any office by reason of death, resignation or removal shall be filled by the appointment of a successor to the unexpired term in office then remaining.
   B.   Commissioners shall be residents of the county of McHenry, state of Illinois. No more than three members to be appointed to the Merit Commission shall be from the same political party.
(Ord. O-9404-3200-26, § 1, passed 4-19-1994)