A.   Pursuant to 55 ILCS 5/5-39001, the Circuit Clerk shall charge and collect a County Law Library fee of $18; the fee to be paid at the time of filing the first pleading, paper or other appearance filed by each party in all civil cases, except those hereafter set forth, but no additional fee shall be required if more than one party is represented in a single pleading, paper or other appearance.
   B.   The fees collected shall be retained in a special Library Fee Fund to be disbursed for the maintenance and operations of the County Law Library at the order of a majority of the Judges of the Circuit Court of the county.
   C.   The fee shall not be charged and collected for quasi-criminal, criminal or administrative review proceedings, nor shall the fee be charged and collected in any matter coming before the Circuit Court of the county on a change of venue.
   D.   1.   Effective December 1, 1995, the charge for making copies in the County Law Library shall be $0.50 per copy.
      2.   The Court Administrator is further requested to monitor the revenue generated from said fee increase and report same to the County Administrator on a bi-monthly basis.
(Res. R-8411-06-114, passed 11-13-1984; Ord. O-9511-4200-93, passed 11-21-1995; Ord. O-200910-42-060, passed 10-20-2009)