The county administrator shall have the following powers and duties.
   A.   ADMINISTRATION. The county administrator shall, in accordance with State statutes, administer and carry out or cause to be carried out the directives and policies of the McHenry County Board; and enforce all orders, resolutions, ordinances, and regulations relating to internal operations of county government adopted by the McHenry County Board. The county administrator shall report to the County Board and/or appropriate committee(s) in a timely fashion, on action or inaction taken pursuant to any directive or policy.
   B.   BUDGET. The county administrator, in accordance with the policy and guidelines recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the McHenry County Board, shall establish the schedule and procedures to be followed by all the county departments, offices, and agencies in connection with the preparation, review, adoption, implementation, and amendment of the annual budget. The county administrator, assisted by the county budget manager, shall supervise and administer all phases of the budgetary process. The county administrator and the budget manager shall review departmental and agency budget requests, and prepare and submit to the appropriate committees and ultimately to the County Board the annual budget, which includes all of the funds, departments, and agencies which the Board is required to review and approve.
      1.   The county administrator, in conjunction with the appropriate liaison committees, shall draft and recommend to the County Board, legislation pertinent to McHenry County’s interest and objectives, The county administrator may represent McHenry County at State legislative hearings when deemed necessary by the County Board. In the event of an emergency where a decision must be made, the county administrator, in coordination with the Chairperson of the McHenry County Board, is authorized and directed to take appropriate actions regarding last minute General Assembly legislation or other legislative proposals that may impact McHenry County government.
      2.   The county administrator shall keep the McHenry County Board informed of proposed or accomplished actions of other governmental units and recommend intergovernmental agreements when applicable.
      1.   The county administrator shall prepare and distribute the agenda, minutes, and supporting documents for all meetings of committees of the Board after consulting with the various chairpersons of the committees. However, the McHenry County Board Chairperson shall determine and establish the agenda of all meetings of the McHenry County Board after consulting with the Chairperson of each of the Board’s committees.
      2.   The county administrator shall attend all meetings of the McHenry County Board and may participate in the discussion of any matter before the Board. The county administrator shall provide the Board, or committees thereof, upon request, with recommendations on county government operations.
   E.   CONTRACTS AND AGREEMENTS. The county administrator is authorized to negotiate leases, contracts, and other agreements for goods and services, subject to applicable State statute, the recommendations of the liaison committee, and approval of the McHenry County Board. The county administrator shall ensure that all terms and conditions of leases, contracts, and other agreements are preformed and shall notify the Board of any possible violations thereof.
   F.   PROPERTY. The county administrator shall provide for appropriate protection of the County and its property from loss, damage, liability, and other risks. The county administrator shall act as liaison to the public building commission on behalf of McHenry County.
   G.   ORGANIZATION/OVERSIGHT. The county administrator shall oversee County departments with the exception of elected officials. The county administrator shall exercise financial oversight over all county departments, but such oversight shall not impinge on the statutory autonomy of elected officials to control the internal operation of their offices. The county administrator may recommend changes to the organization structure. The county administrator may, upon advising the appropriate liaison committees, direct non-elected department heads to undertake tasks for other departments on a temporary basis if the county administrator deems it necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the county government to do so.
   H.   RECORDS. The county administrator shall maintain records appropriate to or required by the powers and duties of the position.
   I.   REPORTS. At the first meeting of the McHenry County Board, in December, the county administrator shall present an annual report to the County Board concerning overall operations and work accomplished, and proposed recommendations for the upcoming year.
   J.   STAFF. The county administrator may employ staff to assist in the performance of these powers and duties upon authorization of the McHenry County Board.
   K.   OTHER. The county administrator shall perform such additional duties as may be required by the McHenry County Board.
(Ord. O-201107-12-032, passed 7-19-2011)