(a)   It shall be unlawful to raise, keep, maintain, or harbor pigeons, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea hens, rabbits, mice, pigs, sheep, cows, horses, goats, or any other birds, fowl, rodents or animals detrimental to the public health and general welfare on any parcel, lot, or sublot within the village limits, which parcel, lot, or sublot has less than ten acres of area. Provided, however, that the keeping or harboring of a dog, cat, canary, parrot or any similar bird or animal which has always been customarily maintained or harbored as a pet shall be permissible on any lot or any size within the municipality. It is further provided that any buildings having said animals shall be situated twenty feet from the side lot and twenty feet from the rear of said lot or sublot.
   (b)   On any parcel, lot, or sublot containing not less than ten acres of area and not more than fifteen acres, a poultry house shall be permissible provided same does not contain more than 240 square feet of area; and said poultry house may be used for raising, keeping, maintaining, or harboring chickens, ducks, or geese. Provided, however, that on any parcel having an area of less than fifteen acres it shall be unlawful to raise, keep, maintain, or harbor any domestic or wild animal except a domestic pet as set forth in subsection (a) hereof.
   (c)   On any lot or parcel containing fifteen acres or more of area, there shall be no restriction or limitation on the raising, keeping, maintaining or harboring of any birds, fowl, or domestic animal.
   (d)   Any person or persons having animals on the date of the passing of this section shall be permitted to continue to have same provided, however, they obtain a permit from the Mayor.
   Whoever violates any section of this section shall upon conviction be guilty of a minor misdemeanor. (Ord. 2752-97. Passed 11-5-97.)