Local Provisions
1506.01   Authority at fires; interference with operations.
1506.02   Compliance with orders.
1506.03   Unlawful boarding or tampering with Fire Department emergency equipment.
1506.04   Damage or injury to Fire Department equipment or personnel.
1506.05   Emergency vehicle operation.
1506.06   Blocking fire hydrants and Fire Department connections.
1506.07   Public water supply.
1506.08   Yard systems.
1506.09   Maintenance of fire suppression equipment.
1506.10   Sale of defective fire extinguishers.
1506.11   Street obstructions.
1506.99   Penalty.
Emergency vehicle defined - see TRAF. 301.11
Right of way of public safety vehicle - see TRAF. 331.21
Following and parking near emergency or safety vehicles - see TRAF. 331.27
Driving over fire hose - see TRAF. 331.28