(A)   The Legislative Authority may create an administrative board to administer the details of the application of the regulations under R.C. §§ 713.06 through 713.12, and may delegate to such board, in accordance with general rules to be set forth in the districting ordinances and regulations, the power to hear and determine appeals from refusal of building permits by building commissioners or other officers, to permit exceptions to and variations from the district regulations in the classes of cases or situations specified in the regulations, and to administer the regulations as specified therein. Such administrative powers and functions may be delegated by the Legislative Authority to the Planning Commission or to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (B)   If the county administers a county zoning resolution, the Legislative Authority and the Board of County Commissioners may contract with each other to have the county administer local zoning regulations, with its powers to include hearing and deciding zoning appeals and authorizing variances.
(R.C. § 713.11) (Rev. 2002)