(A)   The conditional use permit for the short-term rental with occupancy of 20 or more guests shall comply with the general standards and findings for approval of a conditional use permit as set forth in 3.13.03.B and the standards for all short- term rentals set forth in 3.13.09.
   (B)   The use of the dwelling unit as a short-term rental shall not have greater impacts than would be created by long term occupancy of the dwelling unit including the following:
      1.   Access: The access and ingress to the site shall maintain safe conditions for pedestrians and vehicles and shall be adequately sized and designed so that access to other properties is not impacted or unsafe conditions on public streets are created. 
      2.   Parking: Improved surface areas on the site shall be the minimum necessary to provide adequate parking for the occupancy.
      3.   Noise: Loud music, outdoor activities or any other source of noise that can be heard beyond the perimeter of the short-term rental premises shall not be generated during the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the following day.
      4.   health and Safety: The building is designed to accommodate the occupancy expected.  Smoke, propane gas and carbon monoxide detectors shall be installed and maintained.
      5.   Exterior Changes: No exterior changes shall be made to the structures or site conditions that would eliminate its appearance or use as a dwelling unit for long term residency.
      6.   Use Restrictions: A copy of the use restrictions (occupancy, number and location of parking spaces, restrictions on RV parking, solid waste collection, quiet hours and noise restrictions, outdoor activity restrictions) as imposed through the conditional use permit, and the name and phone number of local representative and property owner shall be posted within the short-term rental dwelling unit for user reference.
   (C)   Neighborhood Impacts: a communication strategy with neighbors within 300' of the short-term rental regarding any complaints shall include:
      1.   The contact information of the property representative to serve as initial contact if there are questions or complaints regarding the operation of the short-term rental, and
      2.   A copy of the conditions of approval.
   (D)   Application Requirements: In addition to the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application, the following submittals are required prior to the noticing of a public hearing before the McCall Area Planning and Zoning Commission:
      1.   A basic site plan that indicates the location of on-site parking;
      2.   An operations plan;
      3.   A communication strategy;
      4.   A stormwater management plan, if there are changes to the site; and
      5.   A declaration identifying the date and location of the neighborhood meeting and a roster of the persons attending. (Ord. 983, 12-19-2019, eff. 1-1-2020)