(A)   As used in this section, these words shall be defined as follows:
    REMOVE: To eliminate when feasible, and when not, to apply sand, or ice treatment compounds which abate the slippery condition and eliminate as it becomes feasible.
   SIDEWALK: A path for pedestrians, usually paved, along the side of a street, including also gravel and dirt walking paths commonly used by the public along the side of a street.
   (B)   The owners, tenants or occupants of lands in the city of McCall which either abut or are located on the site of any of the following described sidewalks shall remove all snow, rubbish or ice from the same within twenty four (24) hours after the occurrence of said condition:
      1.   Any sidewalk in an area zoned central business;
      2.   Any paved sidewalk in any area zoned commercial, or general commercial; and
      3.   Any paved sidewalk except where the city manager determines in consultation with the recreation director that the snow cover should be left for purposes of winter recreation, such as cross country skiing.
   (C)   The owners of property described in subsection (B) of this section shall also be responsible for clearing and repairing any such sidewalk which is improved with gravel, cement, asphalt, or other hard surface. The obligation to repair includes filling and resurfacing any potholes or other damage to the surface of the sidewalk. Such work shall be accomplished promptly after the damage is done or otherwise becomes apparent, and in any event within twenty (20) days after notice to do so from the police department. (Ord. 723, 11-19-1998)