(A)   No person shall operate for hire on the public streets and rights of way, whether for hire by the ride, per person or otherwise, a wagon or other vehicle drawn by one or more animals, without first obtaining and paying for a license from the city clerk.
   (B)   To receive an animal drawn vehicle license from the city an application for such license shall be made to the city clerk in such form and manner as provided by the city clerk's office and will include the following:
      1.   Name of business;
      2.   Name of business owner;
      3.   Tax identification number;
      4.   Physical and mailing address;
      5.   Contact information;
      6.   Description of vehicle;
      7.   Proof of insurance;
      8.   A map of the route;
      9.   The license fee.
   (C)   The license fee shall be set from time to time by resolution of the city council.
   (D)   Such vehicle shall at all time display such lights, reflectors and other safety devices as may be required by state traffic laws.
   (E)   Each animal used to draw such a vehicle shall wear a device which prevents deposit of feces on the ground, and such device shall be emptied from time to time at premises owned by the vehicle owner or some other place with the agreement of the owner thereof, and in either case and any event in accord with public health laws and regulations. (Ord. 938, 12-17-2015)