The following expenses shall be reimbursed for officers and employees of the village only for purposes of official business conducted on behalf of the village, which includes, but not limited to, out-of-town meetings related to official business and pre-approved seminars, conferences and other educational events related to the employee's or officer's official duties. Travel, meal, and lodging expenses incurred by any employee or officer in excess of $300 per day because of emergency or other extraordinary circumstances must be approved in an open meeting by a majority roll-call vote of the Village Board.
   (A)   Travel, meal, and lodging expenses incurred by any member of Village Board must be approved by roll call vote at an open meeting of the Village Board.
   (B)   Travel, meal, and lodging expense advanced as a per diem to any employee or officer, or member of the Village Board must be approved by roll call vote at an open meeting of the Village Board prior to payment. Documentation of expense must be provided in accordance with this policy, and any excess per diem must be returned to the village.
   (C)   Lodging. Lodging shall be pre-approved. The lodging expense shall only cover the minimum number of evenings required by the event, unless approved by the Village Board, for a longer duration; the lodging shall be reasonable in accommodations and expense; the lodging expense must be supported by a receipt. The village shall only pay the single occupancy rate. Extra lodging expenses such as dry cleaning, vending machines, and valet service are not reimbursable expenses, unless approved.
   (D)   General expenses. The village will pay or reimburse registration fees, gasoline and associated costs for village vehicles, mileage for personal vehicle usage, parking fees, baggage handling fees, fees for transportation between home, office, airport, and hotel.
   (E)   Meal allowances.
      (1)   All receipts must substantiate the cost of the meals. If the destination city is in an area of high cost, the Village Board may approve reasonable expenditures in excess of the established rates of the following:
         (a)   Breakfast allowance of $10;
         (b)   Lunch allowance of $15;
         (c)   Dinner allowance of $25.
      (2)   No payment or reimbursement may be made for personal supplies, alcoholic beverages, or entertainment. If some meals are included within the prepaid registration fees, the employee or officer of the village  may not be reimbursed for those meals.
   (F)   Airfare. Employees and officers are expected to obtain the lowest available airfare that reasonable meets the business travel needs. Employees and officers are encouraged to book flights in advance to avoid premium airfare pricing.
(Ord. 2016-16, passed 12-5-2016)