The Mayor may deny, refuse to renew, suspend or revoke a cannabis business license for any of the following reasons.
   (A)   Fraud, misrepresentation of material fact, or false statement on the application for a cannabis business license or any subsequent renewal.
   (B)   Failure to inform the village of any changes to the information contained in the application for a cannabis business license.
   (C)   Any outstanding debt owed to the village by the cannabis business establishment or any of its owners, partners, officers, or board members, including any taxes, fees or penalties.
   (D)   Any violation of the laws of the State of Illinois or any village ordinance.
   (E)   Revocation or suspension of the cannabis business's state issued license.
   (F)   Any violation of the terms of the cannabis business's special use permit.
   (G)   Operating without a cannabis business license.
   (H)   A pattern of conduct that demonstrates incompetence or that the cannabis business has engaged in conduct or actions that would constitute grounds for discipline under the Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act.
   (I)   Refusing to allow the Mayor, his or her designee, or any member of law enforcement or building department to enter and inspect the cannabis business or refusing to cooperate in an investigation.
   (J)   Any fact or condition that, if had existed at the time of the original completion of the application for a cannabis business license, would have warranted the denial of the business license.
(Ord. 4412, passed 3-16-2020)