(A)   The village may suspend or revoke a massage business license after notice and public hearing, as provided in § 202.11 of the Ill. Adm. Code, and upon the additional basis set forth below.
   (B)   A massage business license may be revoked or suspended after a public hearing if it is found that:
      (1)   The licensee has violated any provisions of this chapter;
      (2)   Any employee of the licensee, including a massage therapist, has engaged in any conduct at the licensee’s premises which violates any provision of this chapter and the licensee knew or by due diligence should have known of such conduct;
      (3)   Any applicant for a massage business license has made a false statement on the application;
      (4)   A licensee has refused to allow any duly authorized police officer or county enforcement officer or health inspector to inspect the massage establishment premises;
      (5)   The premises of the massage establishment are at any time not in compliance with the village building, health or fire codes; or
      (6)   The premises of the massage establishment are not in compliance with any of the conditions and restrictions set forth in § 120.13.
   (C)   If a massage business license is revoked for any cause, no such license shall be granted to such person for a period of one year after the date of the revocation that will allow a massage establishment to be operated on the premises described in the revoked license unless the revocation order has been vacated by court order.
(2000 Code, § 121.17) (Ord. 1827, passed 11-19-2001)