(A)   All licensed premises shall be periodically inspected by the Building Commissioner or his or her duly authorized representative for safety of the structure and adequacy of plumbing ventilation, heating, illumination and fire protection.
   (B)   In addition, the premises shall comply with the following regulations.
      (1)   The walls shall be clean and painted with washable, mold-resistant paint in all rooms where water or steam baths are given.
      (2)   Floors shall be free from any accumulation of dust, dirt or refuse.
      (3)   All equipment used in the massage establishment shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
      (4)   Soaps, towels, linens and laundered sheets must be provided. All such towels, linens and items for the personal use of operators and patrons shall be clean and freshly laundered after each use thereof and stored in a sanitary manner.
      (5)   Towels, linens and sheets shall not be used for more than one patron. However, heavy white paper may be substituted for sheets, provided that such paper is changed for every patron.
      (6)   All massage services or practices are prohibited in any cubicle, room, booth or other area within a massage establishment which is fitted with a door capable of being locked.
      (7)   Toilets, dressing room facilities, lockers, steam baths, tubs or showers, if provided shall be provided separately for each sex.
(2000 Code, § 121.07) (Ord. 1827, passed 11-19-2001)