(A)   When the village has reasonable cause to suspect possible disease transmission by an employee of a food establishment, it may secure a morbidity history of the suspected employee or make any other investigation as indicated.
   (B)   The village may require any or all of the following measures:
      (1)   The immediate exclusion of this employee from employment in food establishments;
      (2)   The immediate closing of the food establishment concerned until no further danger of disease outbreak exists;
      (3)   Restriction of the employee’s services to some area of the food establishment where there would be no danger of transmitting disease; and/or
      (4)   Adequate medical and laboratory examination of the employee and other employees and of his, her and their body discharges.
(2000 Code, § 116.20) (Ord. 1680, passed 8-18-1997; Ord. 1903, passed 4-21-2003)