(A)   For all non-fire alarm systems, if the alarm user fails to pay the false alarm citation, written notice shall be sent to the user by certified mail. If payment is not made within ten days from the date of the mailing, then the user's permit to maintain an alarm shall be revoked by the coordinator. The system shall be removed from the protected premises within 15 days, unless a decision by the coordinator allows for reinstatement of the alarm systems registration.
   (B)   In the case of fire alarm system, for which the nuisance alarm citation has not been paid, upon determination of the coordinator, or his or her designee, registration may be revoked and the State Fire Marshal notified. If such action is taken in a location required by state law to have an operable fire alarm system, the premises may be closed until the alarm is brought into compliance, and/or citation has been paid, or an approved fire watch must be implemented.
(Ord. 4272, passed 6-1-2015; Ord. 4475, passed 10-18-2021)