Chapter 94
*Cross references—Administration, ch. 2; buildings and building regulations, ch. 6; businesses, ch. 10; floods, ch. 30; natural resources, ch. 38; planning, ch. 50; signs, ch. 58; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 70; subdivisions and other divisions of land, ch. 74; traffic and vehicles, ch. 78; utilities, ch. 82; vegetation, ch. 86.
State law references—City and Village Zoning Act, MCL 125.581 et seq.; Municipal planning, MCL 125.31 et seq.
Article I. Purpose, Scope and Legislative Intent
Sec. 94-1.   Short title.
Sec. 94-2.   Purpose.
Sec. 94-3.   Legislative intent.
Sec. 94-4.   Ordinance enactment or amendment and existing uses, structures, or lots.
Secs. 94-5—94-60.  Reserved.
Article II. Zoning District Map and General Zoning Regulations
Sec. 94-61.   Establishment of districts.
Sec. 94-62.   Zoning district map.
Sec. 94-63.   General regulations.
Sec. 94-64.   Zoning of vacated areas.
Sec. 94-65.   Zoning of filled land and use of waters.
Sec. 94-66.   Zoning of annexed areas.
Sec. 94-67—94-90.  Reserved.
Article III. General Administrative Provisions
Sec. 94-91.   Administration.
Sec. 94-92.   Relief from personal responsibility.
Sec. 94-93.   Duties of the zoning official.
Sec. 94-94.   Duties of the planning commission.
Sec. 94-95.   Building permits.
Sec. 94-96.   Administrative provisions.
Sec. 94-97.   Certificate of occupancy.
Sec. 94-98.   Enforcement, violations, penalties.
Sec. 94-99.   Interpretation and application.
Sec. 94-100.   Fees and performance guarantee.
Sec. 94-101.   Notice of hearing.
Secs. 94-102—94-120.  Reserved.
Article IV. Zoning District Regulations
Sec. 94-121.   General intent and purpose, permitted uses, and dimensional regulations.
Sec. 94-122.   AG: Single-family agriculture district.
Sec. 94-123.   RS-1, RS-2, RS-3: Single-family residential districts.
Sec. 94-124.   R2F: Two-family residential district.
Sec. 94-125.   RM: Multiple-family residential district.
Sec. 94-126.   MH: Manufactured home park residential district.
Secs. 94-127—94-130. Reserved.
Sec. 94-131.   O-1: General office district.
Sec. 94-132.   O-2: Specialized office district.
Secs. 94-133—94-140. Reserved.
Sec. 94-141.   C-1: Central business district.
Sec. 94-142.   C-2: General commercial district.
Sec. 94-143.   C-3: Local commercial district.
Secs. 94-144—94-150. Reserved.
Sec. 94-151.   M-1: Light manufacturing district.
Sec. 94-152.   M-2: General manufacturing district.
Secs. 94-153—94-160. Reserved.
Sec. 94-161.   PUD: Planned unit development district.
Secs. 94-162--94-170.  Reserved.
Article V. Supplemental Regulations
Sec. 94-171.   Intent and purpose.
Sec. 94-172.   General regulations.
Sec. 94-173.   Supplemental use regulations.
Sec. 94-174.   Supplemental area regulations.
Sec. 94-175.   Supplemental height regulations.
Sec. 94-176.   Supplemental access regulations.
Sec. 94-177.   Supplemental environmental regulations.
Secs. 94-178--94-190. Reserved.
Article VI. Uses Authorized by Special Use Permit
Sec. 94-191.   General standards and requirements.
Sec. 94-192.   Listed special uses.
Sec. 94-193.   Appeals.
Secs. 94-194—94-220.  Reserved.
Article VII. Site Plan Review and Landscape Standards
Division 1.  Site Plan Review and Approval
Sec. 94-221.   Intent and purpose.
Sec. 94-222.   Uses subject to site plan review.
Sec. 94-223.   Administrative site plan review authority.
Sec. 94-224.   Planning commission site plan review authority.
Sec. 94-225.   Preliminary site plan review and approval.
Sec. 94-226.   Final site plan review and approval.
Sec. 94-227.   Standards for site plan review and approval.
Sec. 94-228.   Amendments to an approved site plan.
Sec. 94-229.   Extension of site plan approval.
Sec. 94-230.   Conformance to approved site plan.
Sec. 94-231.   Review standards for planning commission decision.
Secs. 94-232—94-240. Reserved.
Division 2.  Landscape Standards
Sec. 94-241.   Landscape, screening and buffer requirements.
Secs. 94-242—94-260.  Reserved.
Article VIII.  Site Condominium Regulations
Sec. 94-261.   Intent and purpose.
Sec. 94-262.   General requirements and standards.
Sec. 94-263.   Approval required.
Sec. 94-264.   Preliminary site plan requirements.
Sec. 94-265.   Final site plan requirements.
Secs. 94-266—94-290.  Reserved.
Article IX. Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
Sec. 94-291.   Intent and purpose.
Sec. 94-292.   General off-street parking and loading requirements.
Sec. 94-293.   Loading and unloading space requirements.
Secs. 94-294.—94-320.  Reserved.
Article X. Nonconforming Uses of Land and Structures
Sec. 94-321.   Intent and purpose.
Sec. 94-322.   Nonconforming lot.
Sec. 94-323.   Nonconforming use of land.
Sec. 94-324.   Nonconforming structure.
Sec. 94-325.   Change in nonconforming use.
Sec. 94-326.   Repair and maintenance.
Sec. 94-327.   Change of tenancy or ownership.
Sec. 94-328.   District zoning change.
Sec. 94-329.   Increase in nonconformity.
Sec. 94-330.   Illegal use.
Sec. 94-331.   Abandonment of use.
Sec. 94-332.   Appeal.
Secs. 94-333—94-360.  Reserved.
Article XI. Zoning Board of Appeals
Sec. 94-361.   Creation and membership.
Sec. 94-362.   Organization and procedure.
Sec. 94-363.   Duties and powers.
Sec. 94-364.   Appeals.
Sec. 94-365.   Variances.
Secs. 94-366—94-390. Reserved.
Article XII. Amendments
Sec. 94-391.   Intent and purpose.
Sec. 94-392.   Amendment initiation.
Sec. 94-393.   Filing fee.
Sec. 94-394.   Amendment procedures.
Sec. 94-395.   Public hearing.
Sec. 94-396.   Planning commission recommendations.
Sec. 94-397.   Consideration by the city council.
Sec. 94-398.   Protested amendment.
Sec. 94-399.   Notice of adoption.
Sec. 94-400.   Effective date.
Secs. 94-401—94-430.  Reserved.
Article XIII. Conflicting Ordinances and Interpretation
Sec. 94-431.   Conflicting ordinances.
Sec. 94-432.   Interpretation.