(A)   Office created. There is hereby created the Office of Street Superintendent, an executive office of the village. The Street Superintendent shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees, annually, at the first regular meeting in May of each year, or as soon thereafter as convenient, and shall hold office for the time period appointed unless sooner removed for cause.
(`92 Code, § 1-2-116)
   (B)   Responsibilities. The Street Superintendent shall be responsible for the overall operations, inventory, purchasing and maintenance of the Street Department including all streets, alleys, lighting and public buildings. The Street Superintendent shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget request for the Street Department. The Street Superintendent shall manage and supervise all employees assigned to the Street Department and the employees shall perform their duties subject to the orders and under the supervision of the Street Superintendent.
(`92 Code, § 1-2-117)
   (C)   Duties. It is the duty of the Superintendent of Streets:
      (1)   To provide general supervision and direction of maintenance for the Street Department;
      (2)   To be a working superintendent and work along with the crew;
      (3)   To provide the Mayor with completed work schedules, as well as future work schedules as requested;
      (4)   To determine equipment and materials to be used on job sites;
      (5)   To conduct visual quality inspection of employees’ work;
      (6)   To monitor standards for construction and repair projects to ensure they stay within budget and meet village standards;
      (7)   To investigate citizens’ complaints and determine corrective action to be taken;
      (8)   To maintain records on inventory, purchasing, equipment, overtime, vacations, sick leave and compensatory time;
      (9)   To prepare a budget request for the Street Department;
      (10)   To train employees in desired maintenance techniques, preventive maintenance procedures and orientation to equipment and vehicles and the use of safety equipment;
      (11)   To attend all scheduled Village Board meetings and any other meeting pertaining to the Street Department; and
      (12)   To perform other duties as assigned by the Mayor.
(`92 Code, § 1-2-118)
   (D)   Qualifications. The Street Superintendent shall have knowledge of tools, materials, methods, equipment, practices, construction and maintenance activities of the Street Department; knowledge of administrative principles and practices and of supervisory methods and techniques; and knowledge of the code of ordinances. Also required is the ability to supervise and train moderate-size group of diverse workers; ability to organize and direct emergency operations; ability to read and understand engineering plans and sketches; and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with government officials, fellow employees and the general public. Strong oral and written communication skills are required, as well as graduation from a general or technical high school or equivalent. The position requires five years of progressively responsible work in the area of street activities; continuing education in the field of street work is required; requires a valid driver’s license with the appropriate classification from the state. An equivalent combination of education, training and experience will be considered.
(`92 Code, § 1-2-119)
   (E)   Property custodian. The Street Superintendent shall be the custodian of all property of the Street Department and shall be responsible for its care, custody, maintenance and protection.
(`92 Code, § 1-2-120)
   (F)   Removal. The Street Superintendent may be removed from office at any time for failure to execute the duties of his or her office faithfully and accurately and for any violation of the provisions of this section or of any ordinances of the village or the statutes of the state pertaining to the office.
(`92 Code, § 1-2-121)
   (G)   Compensation. The Street Superintendent shall receive the salary fixed by the Village Board in the annual appropriation ordinance or by other resolution or ordinance.
(`92 Code, § 1-2-122) (Am. Ord. 01-16, passed 6-20-01; Am. Ord. 2001-29, passed 11-7-01)