§ 113.07  FEE.
   (A)   The annual license fee for each junk yard shall be $25, payable in advance with the filing of the application for license, and shall not be subject to pro-rata reduction for a portion of the year, either because of the application for or because of revocation of a license.
   (B)   Only one annual license fee shall be payable for licenses which may be issued whenever the applicant desires to keep, maintain, conduct or operate junk yards on lots, blocks, tracts or parcels of land which are situated on directly opposite sides of and abut upon each side of a public street or alley.  Where the place of business is not located in the village, but the operator carries on the business of buying or collecting or bartering for the items heretofore enumerated within the village, the annual fee shall be $25 for each junk dealer.  The fee is payable as provided in this code.
(`92 Code, § 7-5-7)