For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AT LARGE. Any dog shall be deemed to be at large when it is off the property of his or her owner and not under the control of a responsible person.
   CAT. Any feline, regardless of age or sex.
   DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. The Department of Agriculture of the state.
   DOG. Any canine, female as well as a male dog, regardless of age.
   INOCULATION AGAINST RABIES. The injection, subcutaneously or otherwise, as approved by the Department of Agriculture of the state of canine anti-rabies vaccine, approved by the Department of Agriculture.
   OWNER. A person having a right of property in a dog or who keeps or harbors a dog, who has a dog in his or her care, who acts as its custodian or who knowingly permits a dog to remain on or about any premises occupied by him or her.
   RESTRAINT. Controlled by a leash; at “heel” beside a responsible person; within a vehicle being driven or parked on the streets; or within the property limits of his or her owner or keeper.
   SHADE. Protection from the direct rays of the sun during the months of June through September.
      (1)   A moisture-proof structure of suitable size to accommodate the dog and allow retention of body heat, made of durable material with a solid floor raised at least two inches from the ground and with the entrance covered by a flexible, wind-proof material.
      (2)   The structure shall be provided with a sufficient quantity of suitable bedding to provide insulation and protection against cold and dampness.
   VICIOUS ANIMAL. Any animal which has previously attacked or bitten any person or which has behaved in a manner that the person who harbors the animal knows or should reasonably know that the animal is possessed of tendencies to attack or bite persons.
   WILD ANIMAL. Any live monkey or ape, raccoon, skunk, fox, snake or other reptile, leopard, panther, tiger, lion, lynx or any other animal or any bird of prey which can normally be found in the wild state.
(`92 Code, § 3-1-1)