(A)   Required connection to the city wastewater system.
      (1)   Definition of NEW USE. In this section and § 50.99, below, a NEW USE includes:
         (a)   Any new building within the city that includes plumbing for the disposal of wastewater for which a building permit is issued on or after October 1, 2011; and
         (b)   Any existing building in the city as of October 1, 2011 that includes plumbing for the disposal of wastewater, and is reconstructed or remodeled to such an extent that the cost of construction is 50% or more of the value of the building prior to the reconstruction or remodeling.
      (2)   Connection required for new uses. Each new use withing the city that is on a tract of land that, at its closest point, is 300 feet or less from an existing city wastewater line will be required to connect to the wastewater line. The City Council may grant a variance from this requirement in unusual circumstances, such as the distance of the use from that property line, topography which prevents gravity flow between the property line and the city wastewater line, or capacity limitations in the wastewater line.
   (B)   Restrictions on wastewater disposal. Regardless of the proximity of a use in the city to a city wastewater line, it is unlawful for an owner or occupant of property in the city to dispose of wastewater generated on the property into a bore-hole, surface pool, or subsurface pool, container or geological feature that is not an authorized on-site wastewater system under state law and regulations of the county in which the property is located.
   (C)   Graywater use allowed. This section does not apply to the use of graywater and the operation of a graywater system in accordance with applicable stat statutes and regulations.
(Ord. 2011-09-02, passed 9-20-2011)