(A)   Deposit required. Each applicant for service with the city wastewater system will be required to make a cash deposit with the city to establish credit before service will be instituted.
   (B)   Amount of deposit. The amount of the deposit for wastewater service is set at four times the monthly rate based on the type of customer (residential or commercial).
   (C)   Use of deposit.
      (1)   The city will use a customer's wastewater service deposit to satisfy delinquent amounts in the customer's account.
      (2)   The city's use of a wastewater service deposit to satisfy a customer's delinquent account will not preclude the city from taking any other action to collect the account or enforce ordinance requirements.
   (D)   Refund. The excess of a customer's deposit over any unpaid wastewater bill will be refunded within 60 days of termination of service.
   (E)   Deposit records. The city will keep records of each customer deposit that includes the name and address of the customer, the amount of the deposit and the date the deposit was made.
   (F)   Deposit receipts. The city will issue a receipt of deposit to each customer from which a deposit is received, and will provide means for a customer to establish a claim if the receipt is lost. A record of each unclaimed deposit will be maintained by the city for a period of four years.
(Ord. 2010-398, passed - -2010)