(A)   Prior to the commencement of any work requiring a certificate of appropriateness, the owner shall file an application for a certificate with the Preservation Officer. The application shall contain:
      (1)   Name, address, telephone number of applicant, detailed description of proposed work;
      (2)   Location and photograph of the property and adjacent properties and any available historical photographs;
      (3)   Elevation drawings of the proposed changes, if available;
      (4)   Pictures, brochures or physical samples of materials to be used;
      (5)   If the proposal includes signs or lettering, a scale drawing showing the type of lettering to be used, all dimensions and colors, a description of materials to be used, method of illumination (if any), and a plan showing the sign's location on the property;
      (6)   Any other information which the Preservation Officer may deem necessary in order to visualize the proposed work; and
      (7)   If the applicant so desires, a request that the Commission expedite the application, and a list of the reasons why.
   (B)   No building permit shall be issued for the proposed work until a certificate of appropriateness has first been issued by the Commission. The certificate of appropriateness required by this act shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, any building permit that may be required by any other ordinance of the city.
   (C)   The Commission shall review the application at a regularly scheduled or special meeting within 30 days from the date the application is received, at which time an opportunity will be provided for the applicant to be heard. The Commission shall act upon the certificate of appropriateness, with possible modifications, within 30 days after the review meeting. In the event the Commission does not act within 60 days of the receipt of the application, a certificate of appropriateness shall be deemed granted. The Commission's decision is limited to those decisions stated in the ordinance, i.e., approve, deny or approve with modifications.
   (D)   Decisions of the Commission shall be in writing. The Commission's decision shall state its findings pertaining to the approval, denial or modification of the application. A copy shall be provided to the applicant. Additional copies shall be filed as part of the public record on that property and dispersed to appropriate departments, e.g., building inspection.
   (E)   An applicant for a certificate of appropriateness dissatisfied with the action of the Commission relating the issuance or denial of a certificate of appropriateness shall have the right to appeal to the City Council within 30 days after receipt of notification of that action. The City Council shall follow the same procedures and use the same criteria as the Commission in making a decision on the application.
(Ord. 08-341, passed 1-22-2008)