§ 151.01 PURPOSES.
   (A)   The City Council hereby declares that, as a matter of public policy, the protection, enhancement and preservation of landmarks and districts of historical and cultural importance and significance is necessary to promote the economic, cultural, educational and general welfare of the public. It is recognized that the architecture represents the unique confluence of time and place that shaped the identity of generations of citizens, collectively and individually, and produced significant historic, architectural and cultural resources that constitute their heritage.
   (B)   This chapter is intended to:
      (1)   Protect, enhance and preserve the landmarks and districts which represent distinctive elements of the city's historic, architectural and cultural heritage;
      (2)   Foster civic pride in the accomplishments of the past;
      (3)   Protect and enhance the city's attractiveness to visitors and the support and stimulus to economy thereby provided;
      (4)   Ensure the harmonious, orderly and efficient growth and development of the city;
      (5)   Promote economic prosperity and welfare of the community by encouraging the most appropriate use of the property within the city; and
      (6)   Encourage stabilization, restoration and improvement of the properties and their values.
   (C)   For approximately 100 years (1860-70s to 1960-70s) the city, situated on the banks of the San Marcos River was known for its agriculture, seed production and cotton ginning. Commercial buildings and individual residences especially reflect the late nineteenth and early twentieth century culture.
(Ord. 08-341, passed 1-22-2008)