§ 35.06  MAYOR’S DUTIES.
   (A)   Chairperson. The Mayor, when present, shall act as presiding officer of all meetings of the City Council. In the absence of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tem shall act as presiding officer. In the absence of both the Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem, the longest-serving Council member, including all combined terms and years of service on the Council, shall act as presiding officer.
   (B)   Substitution procedure for presiding officer.  In the case of the Mayor’s absence or recusal due to conflict of interest, the Mayor will call on the Mayor Pro Tem, or the longest-serving Council member then present and available, to temporarily preside over the meeting. Said temporary arrangement shall not continue beyond adjournment, or cessation of discussion of the matter requiring recusal.
   (C)   Council rules. These rules, including any amendments to these rules which may be made from time to time, shall be effective when adopted by a majority vote of the entire Council.
   (D)   Call to order.  The meetings of the Council shall be formally called to order by the presiding officer.
   (E)   Right of floor.  Any Council member desiring to speak shall be first recognized by the Mayor, unless requesting to be recognized or seconding a motion. Council members shall confine their remarks to the subject under consideration.
   (F)   Order and decorum.  The presiding officer shall preserve order and decorum, and shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Council. The presiding officer shall ensure that debate and discussion of an agenda item focuses on the item and the policy in question. The presiding officer shall abide by the following rules when controlling discussion:
      (1)   Debate on policy is healthy and necessary, but ad hominem criticisms of other Council members is not. The Mayor has the right to stop discussion which is personal in nature, abusive, unduly loud, inappropriate, repetitive or excessively time-consuming.
      (2)   One person shall have the floor at a time and the speaker shall be recognized by the presiding officer before proceeding to speak.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)