A motion to suspend this chapter is debatable but requires a two-thirds vote to pass. This motion allows the City Council to suspend its own rules temporarily in order to accomplish a particular purpose.
   (A)   Temporary suspension.  This chapter may be temporarily suspended by the unanimous consent of all the Council members present, or by a vote of two-thirds of all the Council members. The vote on any such suspension shall be taken by “yeses” and “nos” and entered upon the record.
   (B)   Amendment of these rules.  This chapter may be amended or new rules adopted, by majority vote of all Council members and shall, at a minimum, be reviewed every two years.
   (C)   Supplemental rules.  The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order is adopted to supplement this chapter, where not in conflict with this chapter. However, any good faith, non-intentional error in the application of Robert’s Rules of Order shall not void any public action taken if, notwithstanding the good faith, non-intentional error, the action taken otherwise complied with the code of ordinances and the Iowa Code.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)