(A)   The presiding officer, whether it be the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem or Acting Mayor Pro Tem, shall enforce this chapter. Any Council member who believes the presiding officer is failing to enforce this chapter may call attention to it by making a point of order referencing the rule or procedure the Council member believes is applicable. The raising of a point of order has the effect of requiring the presiding officer to make a ruling on the question involved and, if appropriate, to enforce the applicable rule.
   (B)   Unless otherwise specified by law or this chapter, all business will be conducted by majority rule of those present and voting.
   (C)   Following any adverse ruling on a point of order, any Council member may move to appeal the decision of the presiding officer and, in so doing, state the appropriate action which the Council member believes should have been taken. If this motion receives the required second, the City Council may, by majority vote, adopt the alternative ruling stated in the motion.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)