Upon recommencement of any sale, as defined in this chapter, the license issued by the City Clerk shall be permanently displayed near the entrance to the premises. A duplicate original of the application and stock list pursuant to which such license was issued shall, at all times, be available to the City Clerk or to the Inspector, and the licensee shall permit such inspector to examine all merchandise in the premises for comparison with such stock list at any and all times during the period of such sale. All advertisements or advertising and the language contained therein shall be in accordance with the purpose of the sale as stated in the application pursuant to which a license was issued, and the wording of such advertisement shall not vary from the wording as indicated in the application. Such advertising shall contain a statement in these words: “Sale held pursuant to Permit No.           of the City of Marshalltown, Iowa, granted the                 day of                           ,               ” and in such blank spaces shall be indicated the permit number and the requisite dates. Books and records of the sale shall be kept by the licensee and shall, at all times, be available to the Inspector.
(2013 Code, § 17-205)  (Ord. 10586, passed 5-11-1964; Ord. 14609, passed 12-30-1998)