(A)   Application for a license under this chapter shall be made in writing to the City Clerk in a form to be approved by the City Council and shall be verified by the applicant. Such application shall contain the following information:
      (1)   A description of the place where such sale is to be held;
      (2)   The nature of the occupancy, whether by ownership, lease or sublease;
      (3)   The effective date of termination of such occupancy;
      (4)   The means to be employed in publishing such sale;
      (5)   The proposed language to be used in the advertisements to indicate the nature of the sale;
      (6)   A statement of the intention of the applicant in holding such sale;
      (7)   A statement in what manner such descriptive name is truthfully descriptive of such sale;
      (8)   A statement as to whether or not any merchandise of any kind, quantity or description has been purchased by or delivered to the applicant for the purpose of being included in such sale; and
      (9)   A statement that the applicant agrees not to purchase or accept delivery of any merchandise, goods or wares of any kind, nature or description to be sold at such sale after the date of the application.
   (B)   Upon receipt of such application and payment of the fee prescribed in this chapter, the City Clerk shall cause the application to be examined and investigated.
(2013 Code, § 17-196)  (Ord. 10586, passed 5-11-1964; Ord. 14609, passed 12-30-1998)