A written application shall be filed with the City Clerk for a license under this subchapter unless exempted under § 118.003 of this chapter. Such application shall set forth the applicant’s name; permanent and local address; business address, if any; local and permanent telephone number; physical description of the applicant; and recent photograph. The application also shall set forth the applicant’s employer, if any, and the employer’s address, telephone number, the nature of the applicant’s business, the last three places of such business. An applicant for a license shall also provide a copy of a current Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) background check. The application shall also set forth the locations of activities and the length of time requested to be covered by the license and be accompanied by current written permission from any property owner upon whose property a transient merchant will be operating, or whose property (including parking) will be affected by the transient merchant’s operation. Transient merchants shall also provide recent photographs of all sides of the mobile facility or vehicle which accurately depicts the current condition of the facility or vehicle, and upon request shall make the facility or vehicle available for visual inspection by the Fire Marshal or their designee at a reasonably convenient location.
(2013 Code, § 17-156)  (Ord. 14884, passed 3-14-2011; Ord. 14886, passed 6-27-2011; Ord. 14997, passed 6-22-2020)