(A)   Grounds. A pawnbroker license may be denied, suspended or revoked for any violation of this subchapter, including, but not limited to, the failure to comply with new or renewal application procedures, a negative police report, falsification of a new or renewal application or for the failure to maintain records in conformity with the requirements enumerated under § 117.045(A) of this chapter.
   (B)   Proceedings. The City Clerk shall, upon receipt of information alleging that grounds exist to deny, suspend or revoke the pawnbroker license of any applicant or licensee under this subchapter and after consultation with the Legal Department, report the circumstances to the City Council, which in such case shall cause a notice to be sent by ordinary mail to the applicant or licensee. The notice shall state that a denial, suspension or revocation hearing has been set before the City Council; the grounds for the proposed denial, suspension or revocation; the date and time of the hearing; and the place where the hearing will be conducted. Upon such hearing, if the City Council shall determine that one or more of such grounds do exist, it may deny any application or suspend or revoke an existing license. A suspension shall constitute a minimum period of 14 calendar days to a maximum period of 30 calendar days during which period the licensee may not conduct any business except for redemptions and shall conspicuously post a sign stating the terms of the suspension at the entrance of the licensed premises. Such a sign shall be supplied by and posted by the Chief of Police. If such license is revoked, no pawnbroker license shall be issued to that licensee for a period of one year.
(2013 Code, § 17-145)  (Ord. 14366, passed 11-25-1991)